Social media is a chance for business owners to connect with consumers and other business owners without having to leave the comfort of their office or home. So, why on a daily basis do I come across business account profiles that are set to private? How can you truly expect to expand you reach if your potential consumers feel like they have to be accepted before they can even find any additional information about you. Sure, your very limited profile will show your website and well, sure the POTENTIAL customer (not your customer yet, remember that!) can go to the website and look around if their interested in getting to know more about you and your business but exactly what have you done to make them interested or even feel welcomed?


 Here is Why Your Social Media Business Account Should Not Be Set to Private

This is the feeling I get every time I come across a private profile!

We are living in a fast paced environment where technology is continuing to advance and people don’t have to physically come to your place of business to learn more about you. Your marketing is the chance to convince a potential customer to inquiry more or try your products or services. Your brand is the promise of what you can and will deliver. You should want to put you brand, products and services in front of every potential buyer. With consumers being bombarded with thousands of images daily, social media is your chance to quickly make a great first impression, establish a connection, and interact with your target market. When I am visiting a business profile on social media and am immediately staring at a big picture of a lock that says “private,” well I automatically keep scrolling. I feel as if I am not welcomed and at that point your quick 20 seconds to possibly convert me from potential customer to loyal consumer is already up. Did you know that consumers form an opinion of your brand within the first few seconds of viewing? I cannot tell you how many times I have come across a username on Instagram that I found to be very interesting only to click on it to see a big gray lock. It is not in your best interested to keep viewers from learning more about you and your business. The goal of social media is to create and share, not to block and stare! I recently came across a promotion on Instagram. The design of the promotion and photography used was very intriguing. The promotion done its job of capturing my attention so much to the point that I was willing to make a purchase but when I clicked on the username, I was met with that dreadful gray lock. I was immediately turned off and decided to not research this business any further. In conclusion, we live in a fast paced world where people don’t read as much any more. You have to get your target audience’s attention quickly, make an impression and follow through on your brand’s promise. Social media is a way for you to reach out to your potential clients from around the world! Step out of your comfort zone and into the real social media world where more clientele and revenue awaits you. Besides, the only thing that people can see on your social media account is what you upload.

Fix it on #FixItFriday!

Please feel free to leave your comments below. As always, I love to hear from you! What experiences have you had on social media with blocked or private business accounts? How does it make you feel to come across a business that has their profile set to private?

    • Ariana, Thanks for reading! This is something that just came to me late in the middle of the night. I just had to write about it 🙂

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