This Designer is Cheaper

You’ll always know someone who will do the job for cheaper. Most graphic designers also know someone who will do it for cheaper but here’s the thing- Design is not a commodity. Graphic designers choose to work with individuals who value their expertise just as clients choose their designers. When speaking with a creative professional, keep in mind that they are offering a service and this is their lively hood. If the designer has given you a quote that is out of your budget, you’d be better off being honest and saying this. The designer may be able to work within your budget but simply telling a designer you’ve found someone cheaper just signals that you don’t appreciate what it is they do.  You are not shopping at a retail store like Walmart or Target where you can match prices. If you’ve found someone cheaper then here’s a question to present to yourself- Why are you asking one designer to match another designer’s rates if you already have one that is cheaper? My guess would be that the more “expensive” designer has something the other one doesn’t. You get what you pay for. Professional design ain’t cheap!

A word of advice to my fellow graphic designers

To all my fellow graphic designers who may just be starting their own independent graphic design services, don’t discount your work thinking that this will gain you more clientele and more money. This is far from truth and you’ll in fact end up overworking yourself and owe yourself money! Get what you are worth because there are businesses that realize design and marketing is a continuous investment and these are the business owners you want to target. By always discounting your work, you are devaluing yourself and the industry as a whole.

Thanks for joining me for #TipsTuesday! As always, I look forward to hearing from you in the comments section below. Let’s have a discussion!


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